Some Must-Try Dishes In Melbourne

Every city offers some unique food that is a representation of its culture, history, and heritage. In Melbourne also, you will find some signature foods that you must try. Here is a list of some of them.


You must have tried croissants in several places, but the ones you will find in Melbourne are different. You should eat the croissant in Lune. A brother-sister duo runs the Lune Croissanterie. You should go there in the morning because by noon their shelves will become empty.

The croissants are created in a climate-controlled lab. The croissants are crisp, golden, and mathematically perfect. You can see the different layers of the pastry perfectly aligned. The croissants will melt inside your mouth.

Fish dumplings

Vegetable and chicken dumplings are common in many places. In Melbourne, you will find fish dumplings, and you must try the ones in ShanDong Mama. The mackerel fish dumplings here are the best. You can get both boiled and fried ones. They are very soft and light. You can have them with a delicious sauce.

Whole roast lamb shoulder

If you are a fan of lamb, then you must try this dish at Cumulus Inc. It is a dish that must be shared with your friends, and the taste hasn’t changed a bit in years. You will get juiciness in every bite.


You should try this in MoVida. It is air-fried wagyu with a soft poached egg on the top along with soft whipped truffle foam. It is a unique dish that you must try.

Some of these dishes can be very common, but you will get a unique taste and flavour in Melbourne. You must try these dishes to get a taste of Melbourne.